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Online Shopping Like Evaly

Evaly.com.bd is now the most growing online shop in Bangladesh, Evaly.com.bd started the business with 500K BDT, But this company is working with 100 million BDT. People shopping from Evaly for magical offer. Today in this post, I will share with you some more online shopping site that is flowing the same business model as Evaly.com.bd or some site of Evaly alternative.

Evaly Business Model

One question can be come to your mind, How to evaly offer 90% discount? What is the business policy of Evaly, or How to earn revenue Evaly.com?

Evaly is famous in Bangladesh for bike offer, Evaly selling bike in 30 to 40% discount, Evaly reduced supply chain, and this company will host your money 30 to 45 days. and Evaly has some hidden technique to gain revenue.

Similar Shopping Site Like Evaly.com.bd

Now, I will share with you some similar alternative shopping plat who behave like Evaly

Dhamaka Online Shopping

Dhamaka is another shopping website like Evaly.com.bd, Evaly has many bad records, But Dhamaka shopping doesn’t have any bad record, This company will supply the product within 45 days. So, You can buy things from the Dhamaka Shopping alternative of Evaly. I personally like Dhamaka offer.

Alesha Mart

Alesha Mart is another alternative to Evaly, This shopping site is famous for a 36% discount. Currently, this website has a 36% Yamaha bike offer. This company has a clean record. So you can trust this site. This company also supply campaign product within 30 to 45 days.


Qcoom is now one of the famous eCommerce websites owned by a businessman named Md. Ripon Mia, On Jun 2021, Qcoom offering up to 75% discount overall. This site does not have any bad records, For better information, you can join Qcoom’s official Facebook community.

Dalal Plus

Dalal Plus is another online shopping site like Evaly, But people have some confutation in Bangladesh on this name (Dalal). But This company giving awesome service to people. Personally, I have ordered a bike on the last offer from Dalal Plus.

Boom Boom Shopping

BoomBoomshopping.com.bd is a new Evaly type Ecomerce site, This site is not famous now, But It will maybe. You can see a look of BoomBookShopping.com

Shirajganj Shop

Yes, Shirajganj Shop is one of trusted and semi famous Evaly type site, But you can trust this shop, Because this shopping site has a good reputation.

Anonder Bazar

Anoder Bazar is another Evaly type online shopping site, This site is almost trending on social media, On special news is : Anonder Bazar continuing bike delivery when all shopping site stopped delivery process because of lockdown issue. You can buy Bike, Smartphone and computer accesories from Anonderbazar.com.

Before buy from Evaly type site

Please check the Social Media platform review before buying any offered product from this site. You can get a soft idea by check the Facebook review of these shopping sites. Thanks for reading this post, You are welcome on Topbd10.com.

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